5 quirky Valentine’s Day ideas – whatever your status!

Valentine’s Day 2019 is approaching fast. Queue loved up couples everywhere you turn and shoddy flowers and crap chocolates quadrupling in price. Not to mention there’s that one sour person proclaiming “it’s all a con by the card companies”… Whatever your plans for Valentine’s Day, whether you’re planning a date for your swipe right match […]

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Feb 13, 2019

5 quirky and immersive 2019 events you won’t want to miss

Now that Christmas 2018 has faded into the distance along with our New Year hangovers, 2019 has left us broke, overweight and with little to look forward to – diddums. You could stay inside feeling sorry for yourself, bingeing on Netflix and breaking your New Year’s resolutions or you could have a gander at what’s […]

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Jan 11, 2019

New year new you: do something different in 2019

Eat less, drink less, exercise more – yawn. Let’s be honest, the main reason you reach for those extra helpings and gulp down more pints is a desire to switch off and escape your monotonous existence.  Whether you’re reluctantly returning to work or tired of the same faces in the same old places, we have […]

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Jan 02, 2019

5 alternative Christmas films: Escape the festive madness

If classic Christmas films like A Christmas Carol don’t make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, then maybe (like us) you prefer to revel in the darker corners of the Christmas movie landscape. Before you settle into your TV binge, we have come up with an alternative Christmas movie list that won’t make you want to vom glitter.

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Dec 22, 2018

New Year’s resolution ideas: Why experiences should be on your list

New Year’s Resolutions we make every year tend to focus on material things or over ambitious self-improvement goals, but what about shifting your focus to new experiences? We take a look at the most common New Year’s Resolutions, why they fail and what you can do to make them stick. Giving you some New Year’s Resolutions Ideas along the way that will help you experience something new and create some new memories in 2018.

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Dec 13, 2018

Experience Christmas gift ideas in London & Beyond

Yes, it’s fun opening presents, but if you really aren’t sure what to buy your friends and family then don’t just nab the first thing that’s vaguely ‘so them’. Instead buy ‘em some new memories to enjoy in 2018 with a Christmas experience gift. Not sure where to start? Well, just as well we’ve done the work for you. Here’s some top Experience Christmas gifts to nab online:

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Dec 05, 2018

6 Alternative Christmas Party Ideas to Shake Things Up in 2018

Are you ready to get off the gravy train and try something different for Christmas this year? Well, here’s some alternative Christmas party ideas to help you smash those boring bauble induced plans and shake things up this year.

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Nov 25, 2018

Black Friday: Free Immersive Street Games

To celebrate the imminent launch of our brand new immersive street game Operation Mindfall in Brighton and help us iron out the kinks, we’re offering FREE games for Black Friday weekend only!  As an added treat we’re also doing the same in London. WHAT EXACTLY IS OPERATION MINDFALL? Operation Mindfall  combines the best of our […]

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Nov 20, 2018

Meet Escape Room Hostess With The Mostess, Sam Smallwood

It’s great to be back with our meet the team series and what better way to get back in the swing of things than with this gem of a host. A decent escape room is nothing without an epic escape game host and, while it does seem to be a male dominated occupation, Sam Smallwood […]

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Nov 18, 2018

Unusual Work Christmas Party Ideas With A Live Experience Twist

Yes, people it’s time. The ads have begun and the time is nigh. You really need to sort out that work Christmas party but, we implore you, don’t take the easy option and book a boring old meal with DJ and clubbing. Come a little closer… closer still, that’s it – until your eyes are […]

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Nov 14, 2018

10 Quirky Pubs With Games In London

London is steeped in history and culture, and the pubs are no exception. Better yet, so many pubs are now stepping up their game, transforming them into one stop spots for entertainment, which, beyond decent grub and ale, includes gaming. If you’re more partial to a night having a giggle with some games at the […]

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Nov 07, 2018

Halloween Treat: Do You Want To Play A Little Game…?

Halloween is nearly upon us. Gather round, you pure, sweet darlings, you. Things are about to get twisted. On 31st October, All Hallows Eve, we’re going to be dialling up the scare factor in our escape games. Believe it or not we’re usually pretty gentle but get yourself a game over Halloween and you’ll get […]

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Oct 22, 2018

13 Halloween Events In London With A Twisted Twist

Truly it’s Halloween for us all year round so we love an excuse to ramp up our penchant for dark tales and twisted immersion. We’re not just bringing you any old list though, no no no. This year we have not only scoured the wonderful world of the interwebs to discover some top Halloween events […]

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Oct 18, 2018

You ‘AR’ Going To Love Our New Game: Operation Mindfall

We know you’ve been on the edge of your seats dreaming of our beautiful faces and those Lady Chastity or Poppa Plock memories. Thinking about us at every turn – even those moments in the shower you cheeky monkey. Well, the day has finally arrived and we can now announce the launch of our brand […]

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Oct 04, 2018

5 Alternative August Bank Holiday Weekend Ideas

August is almost over and so the countdown to the end of Summer begins – sigh. But before we pack up our BBQs and reluctantly discontinue our beachside antics, we have one final bank holiday blowout to make the most of. So, don’t be a melt and stay inside this year or do the same […]

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Aug 21, 2018

Goodbye Heatwave: 6 Reasons We Just Can’t Take The Heat

Our Lady Chastity (our skeletal escape room resident to those not in the know) is hardly known as a summer Goddess. In fact, she’s more Dracula than beachside diva and was close to withering away to dust in the recent heatwave. Yes, we could write a positive blog about summer like everyone else but sometimes […]

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Aug 17, 2018

Puzzle Rooms Unlocked By Handmade Mysteries

Check out our rather smashing infographic to get you started in the world of Puzzle Rooms.

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Jun 08, 2018

Escape Room London

What’s to know about London Escape Rooms? So what’s the big deal about London Escape Games? They are good fun and are here to stay so if you’ve not yet tried one, you really are missing out on a great leisure activity. There are escape rooms all over the UK and as a leading Escape […]

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Jun 05, 2018

Escape Room Team Building

There was a time when the terms “team building event” was good enough to strike terror into the soul of any white-collar worker. Images of forced amusement as reluctant employees attempted to sing like Madonna or channel their inner survival (Bear Grylls) on a Tough Mudders style assault course or worse signified the “previous plans” […]

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May 01, 2018

What is an escape room challenge?

What is an escape room? What does it mean, where are they from, why should you care? Find out more on this quick but informative blog piece.

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Apr 19, 2018

6 Pop ups & alternative things to do in London

Finding alternative things to do in London wasn’t always so easy, but the pop-up trend and increased popularity of immersive gaming has made things a little more interesting. If anything now there are so many pop ups and alternative things to do n London, it’s difficult to know where to start.  Well, we can’t have you going into a head spin and ending up down the local can we? Whether you just love a good pop up or just want to do something different for once, we have a list of 6 unusual things to do and quirky pop ups in London.    

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Feb 28, 2018

Black Mirror USS Callister: Quips & Highlights

We share funny quips and top highlights from the first episode of the latest series of Black Mirror, USS Callister. Reflecting on its genius sadistic reminders that game immersion should only go so far and reliving some of these moments through the magic of YouTube. 

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Feb 14, 2018

Anti Valentine’s Day ideas: single or not

Anti Valentine’s Day is now a thing. Whether you are looking for self-love inspiration, some Valentines night out ideas to enjoy with your mates or alternative date night ideas; we’ve got it all. So, dig in and pick your preferred hate Valentine’s Day activity this year.

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Feb 09, 2018

5 ways to escape the January blues without exercise

As the words ‘Happy New Year’ become less and less the norm, As the words ‘Happy New Year’ become less and less the norm, so do our good moods. January Blues is not a made up thing, there is actual science out there proving that more people experience feelings of depression and anxiety at this time of year. Bored of the same old advice? Here’s some ways you can beat the January blues without exercise and dieting. 

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Jan 19, 2018

Meet the Team: Wonderfully weird game host, Slyme Slymey

It’s our absolute pleasure to introduce you to one of our Brighton escape game hosts, Slyme Sylmey – aka Simon. He defines himself as a performer, actor, twisted cabaret clown, model, writer, poet, musician and idiot. Enough foreplay, let’s fondle his brain and discover what makes our Slyme Slymey tick.

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Jan 12, 2018

5 Winter experience ideas in London & Brighton

While your bellies may be full and heads may be a little heavy from all that burying in the sand, there’s still so many great winter experiences to be had. You have two choices, you could just coast along and get back to the drudgery of your daily routine or avoid those pesky January blues by getting your butt in gear and notching up some new experiences for 2018. 

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Jan 02, 2018

6 quirky nights out in London to spice up your Christmas

Christmas may be close, but not everyone wants to frolic around in Christmas jumpers, photocopy their butt cheeks and dress up like a sexy Santa (we’re looking at you Kevin). Even if they do, we all need a little light, or even dark, relief now and then from the baubles, tinsel and festive cheer. If you’re planning a Christmas night out or looking ahead to the New Year then don’t follow the crowd, let us help you do something different. We’ve sifted through the glittery shit, beyond the festive cliches to seek out alternative and quirky nights out in London that could spice up your Christmas.

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Dec 07, 2017

Puzzle rooms unlocked: a newbie’s puzzle room perspective

Puzzle rooms are a relatively new concept to some, so based on our experience and that of some of our first time puzzle room players; we have created a newbie journey of discovery. Basically, read this and you may get an idea of what a live escape room experience is like.

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Nov 22, 2017

Meet the team: Mystical game host, Leon Simmonds

Beyond his refreshing biological make-up and talents as an escape room host, Leon is also a magician and immersive performance artist. He’s also one of the masterminds behind ‘Riddles in the Dark’ – playful and entertaining shows that offer an escapist twist. Just like our escape rooms, all of Leon’s exploits playfully quench the thirst of an experience economy and push the boundaries of imagination. That’s enough teasing, grab a spoon and tuck in. After all, Leon loves a good spoon.

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Nov 20, 2017

New Escape Rooms in London & Brighton

We are very pleased to announce that the Handmade Mysteries team have been busy creating more fantastic challenges and scenery across London and Brighton, leading to two new locations for our flagship game  Lady Chastity’s Reserve. The Hope in Central London and The World’s End in London Road, Brighton.

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Nov 16, 2017

Brighton Escape Rooms: Games that keep on giving for the city

When we launched our first Brighton escape room there was just one other in the city. Now? By our count there are at least 4 Brighton escape rooms with another due to launched at our new Brighton location for Lady Chastity, The World’s End on London Road. Not only that, like the Hollywood marker for escape rooms, rumour has it The Crystal Maze are planning to make their Brighton debut very soon – exciting stuff indeed. We take a look at why the growing number of escape games in Brighton is good news for the city and escape room fans alike.

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Nov 08, 2017

5 reasons to escape silly season with an escape room experience

Whether you’re more minimalist than hoarder or you just want to help your friends and family create new memories, here’s 5 reasons to avoid the Cyber Monday and Black Friday masses this year and treat your friends and family to escape rooms and escape games this silly season instead.

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Nov 01, 2017

Meet the team: playful game host, Gemma Tubbs

We return for another hearty serving of our meet the team series with a cheeky peek into the immersive world of Gemma Tubbs. Our very first lady game host who describes herself as ‘a big kid who loves dressing up and scaring people.’ A trained actress who recently scared the bejesus out of Amanda Holden and Ben Shepherd on This Morning as a zombie. Standard. Let’s get cracking shall we…

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Oct 27, 2017

Escape room fans & celebs alike love being locked up

Escape room fans are calling the shots and their continued drive to play and share their experiences on Instagram and Snapchat is shifting escape rooms away from the alternative hidden realm of Dungeons & Dragons or Larping and into the mainstream. We explore the rising popularity of escape rooms and what it is about them that gets fans and celebrities alike buzzing for more.

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Oct 25, 2017

5 things we love about stranger things & want from the new series

The first series of Stranger Things may have had all the ingredients to make it an instant cult classic but with one generation hooked on Netflix and another full of 80’s nostalgia, Stranger Things has captured the hearts of the masses. So in preparation of series 2 released 27 October, here are the five things we love most about Stranger Things with a few hints of what we are hoping to get in the new series.

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Oct 18, 2017

Escape room: North London gets in on the game

North London are now on the Handmade Mysteries escape room map with Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop making it’s debut at The Depot in Islington earlier this year. Another of our handmade escape rooms packed with unexpected twists and turns like no other. All of our escape room games are uniquely terrifying, mysterious and disturbingly tantalising, so why should North London get a piece of the action? We delve into the new game and explore the area to help you make a night of it on your next visit to Islington.

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Oct 11, 2017

Blade Runner Escape Room Replicant & Blade Runner 2049

Prepare to be amazed with DenisVilleneuve’s BladeRunner 2049 set to hit our cinema screens later this week (Oct 6). Set in a dystopian Los Angeles in 2019 it looks to be as deep and beautiful as 1982’s Blade Runner. The original was a key inspiration behind our latest game Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop, so we felt compelled to cover the upcoming film, but also revisit the role of BladeRunner in the concept of our latest escape room.

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Oct 04, 2017

5 Things to do Halloween Weekend in London & Brighton

Rather than leaving it until the last-minute this year and throwing a hissy when you can’t get into the best club nights, we have some top things to do Halloween weekend. So you can nab your tickets and turn that grumpy dejected frown into a slashed Joker grin.

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Sep 28, 2017

Meet the team: Unconventional game host, Jason Lotro

To continue our meet the team series, we would like to introduce you to a game host who mostly frequents The Four Thieves Pub in South London as Gabriel, Jason Lotro. An experienced actor and musician who has many notches on his belt. When he’s not guiding players through Lady Chastity’s lair, Jason is featuring in choreographed fight scenes or weaving his spell as a multi-instrumentalist. Let’s get stuck in and find out what makes Jason tick.

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Sep 17, 2017

Corporate Team Building Games And Escape Rooms

Trying to find corporate team building ideas that are both productive and enjoyable can be challenging. Get it wrong and you could end up with bored yawns and employees completely disengaging with the task at hand. Get it right and you will get a surge of engagement from your employees, increasing morale but also increasing their sense of belonging to the team and business. That’s why so many businesses are now turning to gamification techniques and booking escape room experiences.

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Sep 15, 2017

Creative date night ideas: Do something different in London or Brighton

Daydreaming about your bank holiday antics last weekend? Still buzzing after the Game of Thrones season finale? Avoid the temptation to order a curry or endlessly scroll for your next TV fix this weekend, we have some creative date night ideas in London and Brighton that will help you extend the good vibes, revive or ignite those honeymoon phase tingles and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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Sep 01, 2017

5 Alternative things to do in London bank holiday weekend

The countdown to August bank holiday weekend has begun – yippee. So, what are you up to? Are you just gonna Netflix and chill or get your butt out the door and do something different? If you’re up for the latter then we have taken a dive into the worldly web for some unusual bank holiday ideas for you. So, instead of coasting along and doing the same old thing, you can bag yourself some new memories and do something different this August bank holiday weekend.

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Aug 23, 2017

Crystal Maze style games without the jumpsuits

Whether you don’t fancy a nose dive into the unflattering fate of a jumpsuit or you’re looking for another fix after you play The Crystal Maze: we have a list of Crystal Maze style games that rock. Some we have played, some we have made, but all of these gems will help you turn those ‘busy life’ lemons into ‘let it go’ lemonade.

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Aug 17, 2017

Meet the Team: Our Illustrious game host, Kevin Flee

Like Richard O’Brien to Crystal Maze the game host is just as important as the game itself. So, we are kicking off our new ‘meet the team’ interview series with an introduction to our very first maze master, Kevin Flee. Self-described as ‘kinda creepy but good with people’ when he is not busy scaring the Bejesus out of players, Kevin is a musician, actor and now a qualified yoga instructor – how very zen. Let’s get cracking shall we…

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Aug 12, 2017

Escape Rooms, the New Puzzle Room Craze

If you love an interesting puzzle then you’re going to be knocking down the door to see the interior of an Escape Room. An Escape Room is an exciting, live-action puzzle room challenge that has taken the UK by storm. Come and find out more about Escape Rooms from HandMade Mysteries Here.

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Aug 02, 2017

Puzzle room psychology: The truth about our penchant for puzzle rooms

Over 2 million viewers tuned in to the return of The Crystal Maze last month and according to MarketWatch statistics there are now more than 2,800 permanent escape rooms, aka puzzle rooms, worldwide. As Patsy Palmer would put it, puzzle rooms are all the rage right now darling. But why we hear you cry? What is it about a good puzzle that gets us all so excited? Well, let’s find out.

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Jul 22, 2017

5 Unusual group activities that won’t make you yawn

Whether you are the mug landed with the responsibility of organising your mates stag or hen do – – you know you regret it –  or the even bigger mug who volunteered to organise the next team building day at work. We have sieved through the ‘typical’ to find the ‘unexpected’ and come up with a list of 5 unusual group activities that won’t induce rolled eyes and yawns from your colleagues. Take your team along to one of these and not only will you be the mutt’s nuts for coming up with something epic, you will also get to enjoy the experience yourself. Win win.

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Jul 15, 2017

Do Something Different: Girls Night Ideas in London & Beyond

If are planning a night out with the girls and the idea of yet another meal out, pub crawl or clubbing doesn’t give you the tingles, we have some alternative hen night ideas and girls night out ideas that should hit the spot.

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Jul 08, 2017

Alternative Summer Festivals with a Twist

Festival season is in full swing. If you’ve been watching Glastonbury highlights with green envy and missed out on tickets for the biggies this year, we have a list of affordable alternative festivals with a twist that are yet to come. So you can still have a festival experience this summer, without breaking the bank.

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Jul 01, 2017

New Zones: Behind the Scenes look at Crystal Maze Reboot

In the words of Eminem – guess who’s back, back again? Crystal Maze that’s who. After the success of the Stand Up to Cancer episode with Stephen Merchant, Crystal Maze reboot will be aired tomorrow on Channel 4 at 9pm. We go behind the scenes and bring you our lowdown on the new Crystal Maze zones, but also bring you some exclusive comments from set designer James Dillon…

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Jun 22, 2017

6 Unique Things to Do on Father’s Day

Everyone has a different relationship with their Dad. Throw Step-Dad’s in the mix and sending a ‘World’s Best Daddy’ card doesn’t always feel natural, especially if you haven’t even spoken for a while. Whether you are really close with your Dad and up for rekindling childhood memories with some silliness or looking for a distraction to break the ice on the distance in your relationship; we have a list of unique things to do on Father’s Day, so you can create some real memories together.

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Jun 16, 2017

The Making of a Handmade Mystery

As the man behind the Mysteries, Ben knows a thing or two about the line between madness and genius. As it turns out, the recipe for a perfect escape room calls for more than a little of both.

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Apr 05, 2017

How to Keep Your Sense of Wonder

Wonder is the most human of emotions. It inspires us to create, to push the boundaries of expectation and step outside of the ordinary. There are no limits to the number of awe-inspiring moments that can be had, yet so few of us prioritise the hunt for the unusual.

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Feb 24, 2017

5 alternative date ideas for Valentine’s Day in London

Whatever your views are on Valentine’s Day it doesn’t have to be predictable. Instead of following the crowd with the same old cliches, you can make a stand against a corporate agenda and still keep your partner happy by doing something totally different.

Whether you are reluctantly searching for date ideas for Valentine’s Day that don’t suck or on a mission to impress a new love; we have some unique date ideas that will light or reignite that fire. Single? All of these ideas are not exclusive to couples, get a group of friends together and jump on in.

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Jan 26, 2017

5 reasons people love to play escape games

There is something wonderfully addictive about escape rooms. Like that first nibble on a Pringle, once you pop your escape room cherry, you just can’t stop. The escape game craze is at an all time high with a number of celebs joining the bandwagon including Obama, Chris Evans (Captain America) and Kristen Bell to name a few. Couple that with the confirmed revival of Crystal Maze on Channel 4 and the evidence is clear; people just love escape rooms. 

But, why do we love them? We decided to take a cheeky dive into escape room psychology and explore just that.

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Jan 19, 2017

Friday the 13th: Real life ghost stories

If creaky old furniture and the corpse of Lady Chastity wasn’t eerie enough, all of our escape rooms are hidden in the depths of historical pubs, rumoured to be haunted.  

Whether you’re a true believer in Friday the 13th and hiding out at home in bubble wrap, or think it’s a load of bollocks and running with scissors to prove a point; we have some ghostly tales and real-life experiences for you from those who have stayed up too late in the lair of Chastity.

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Jan 12, 2017

Festive cocktails: Gabriel’s elixirs & vials of grog

For those not in the know, Gabriel is our illustrious escape room host. After seeing many buckle to the wrath of Lady Chastity; all the screams have definitely contributed to a rather strange and unpredictable nature. Anxious to please and often found clutching a pocket watch encouraging players to ‘hurry’. Now, our host may be obsessed with the aphrodisiac properties of Lady Chastity’s Reserve, but Gabriel also has a penchant for mixing heady concoctions – especially during the festive season. Here’s the Handmade Mysteries host with some potent recipes…

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Dec 15, 2016

Creative Christmas gifts: Get them some new memories

The festive season is upon us and, thankfully, Black Friday is now a distant memory. If you are still stuck for original christmas gift ideas that won’t make your loved ones yawn, then we have some top experience gift ideas for you. If you buy them an experience, not only will they smile at Christmas – they’ll enjoy an entirely new experience, and it will all be down to YOU.

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Dec 01, 2016

Last-minute Christmas party ideas in London & Brighton

Christmas parties are the ideal excuse to drop that work front and get silly with your mates and colleagues. If you haven’t got around to organising your festive social yet then here are some last-minute office Christmas party ideas in London and Brighton that might sizzle your nizzle.

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Nov 17, 2016

Black Mirror Playtest: How immersive are you willing to be?

The capabilities of technology continue to blow our minds as we become more reliant on it, wading aimlessly through a sea of screens. The latest Black Mirror series from Charlie Brooker’s futuristic predictions are becoming less difficult to imagine. Episode 2 Playtest in particular got us thinking. If you haven’t managed to catch it on Netflix yet, then the general gist is that we will be able to experience immersive gaming via brain implant technology and experience days in seconds.

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Nov 04, 2016

Portable game Plumbottom free this Halloween weekend

It’s Halloween every day for us here at HMM, but this year we have an extra little treat for you. Our new portable game, Plumbottom’s Magnificent Return, will be free to play at the Watson’s General Telegraph in Forest Hill Friday 28th and Saturday 29th October.

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Oct 24, 2016

5 Halloween characters perfect for escape games

A good escape room host is immersed in the story, dramatic and a little unpredictable – a quality that many horror movie characters can certainly pull off. So we asked our team here at HMM, which Halloween characters they think would make a good escape game host. This is the result…

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Oct 21, 2016

Shake things up a bit with these silly date night ideas

Is a cheeky Nando’s just not cutting it anymore? Losing your way in a ongoing sea of Netflix and chill? Or tired of arguing about whether you should watch a rom com or the latest Marvel film at the cinema? Whether you are planning a first date, a Tinder fling or just looking to shake things up a bit with the old ball and chain, here are a few silly date night ideas in London or Brighton that might tickle your pickle.

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Oct 10, 2016

Experience vs stuff: are you part of the Experience Economy?

In ye old days we all loved a bit of stuff; in fact the accumulation of things led to a living room so packed with the kind of fayre you would find at a village car boot sale, there wasn’t much room left for living. Escapism and experience is what we are all about, so we decided to take a closer look at the rise of an experiential movement; where more of us are caring less about stuff and more about human connection and experience.

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Sep 30, 2016

Escape gamers are buzzing: Crystal Maze is back!

If the escape game buzz wasn’t already busting at the seams then Channel 4 are about to blow this shizzle wide open. After 21 years off air… Crystal Maze is back! While only a one-off revival is confirmed for Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer night in October, rumour is that if ratings are high enough it will be returning for a brand new series. 

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Sep 02, 2016

Laughter benefits: why we all need to get silly

The very thing that inspired us to create our games was to make something that allowed people to escape technology, come together and just get silly.  If you are having trouble justifying your urge to get silly, then don’t just take our word for it. There are reams of experts who attest to the health benefits of laughter and importance of play for adults. 

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Jul 26, 2016